Hi Iron Beasties hope you are having a great holiday season! Just wanted to touch bases and leave you with some bodybuilding motivation that kicks butt.
I’ll be away till after New Years but I got a couple of ripped you up and pump you up articles when I get back.
The video is about Frank McGrath you may have heard his story how he was in a bad car wreck had surgery, but has come back bigger and nastier than ever.
Frank talks about never giving up. He talks about even trying to get protein shakes in him while they are trying to save his life, he’s worried about getting skinny. Now that’s bodybuilding dedication!
I think it’s a great motivational bodybuilding video and I hope you will too. It shows the power of the human spirit. The never say die hardcore mentality.
Guys have a great New Year keep tearing it up in the gym. Beast Mode Baby!!!