Bodybuilding is a fantastic sport; not only does it require hard work, but it requires discipline. Most people would say that bodybuilding requires the most discipline, out of any sport out there. Besides working out, you need to make sure that you are getting your daily nutritional requirements.

In this article, we will talk about planning your meals, especially when you are a bodybuilder. Preparing your meals is an essential part of your success. Most people don’t prepare their meal correctly; we will teach you how you can meal prep properly. But before we show you how to plan your meals, let’s talk about the basics you will need.

Planning Your Bodybuilding Meals

The Basics

When planning your meal, you need to make sure that you have Tupperware readily available to you. Tupperware is where you are going to be storing your food. This will allow you to have your meals readily available to you when you need it.

The second thing you will need would be a food weighing scale. You need to make sure how much food is consuming throughout the day, especially when you’re a bodybuilder. Understanding the importance of your daily macro nutrients is very important, make sure you prepare and weigh your food based on your requirements.

Also, if you own a rice maker, it will make it very easy for you to prepare your food. Most bodybuilders like to eat rice as their carb source, the more convenient you can make it for yourself, the better.

Planning your meal

 Meal prep for a day

Meal Prep For A Day

There are many ways to prepare your meals, so let’s talk about them. The most common method, many bodybuilders prepare meals on a daily basis. You would weigh out all of your food and divide it into 4-6 meals into Tupperware. Besides your morning breakfast, you will have all your meals in Tupperware, ready for tomorrow. Even though this is considered to be the best option, it can get tedious.

Let’s face it, cooking meals for bodybuilders who are trying to put on muscle is hard as it is. If you can be consistent with this process, then you will have no problem growing. If you find this process difficult, there are some hacks that would make it easier for you. The first tip would be to prepare your protein and carbs in bulk. For example, you are going to be consuming chicken breast and rice as your meals.

What you can do is marinate your chicken in bulk for a couple of hours and then put four to six meals worth of chicken in the oven. The same thing goes with your rice, use a rice maker, and cook it in bulk.

After your protein and carbs have been prepared, you can put them in separate Tupperware and section them out into individual meals. For your fats, you can drizzle olive oil on top of your meals.

 Meal prep for the week

Meal Prep For The Week

Meal prepping for the week is going to be very similar. However, there are a couple of things to remember when prepping for the whole week. The first thing would be that you need to switch up your meals as much as possible, you can’t expect to eat chicken and rice for the rest of your life.

Make sure you add different sources of protein in your weekly meal prep, the same thing goes with the carbs, make sure you add sweet potato instead of rice in different meals. When prepping for the whole week, you can always put all of your protein in a large bowl and store it in the fridge. The same thing goes with your carbs, make sure you store it in a large Tupperware. You can weigh out your food every meal, or you can separate them into individual meals. Make sure you pick a method that works for you.



When you are trying to put on muscle, hitting your macros daily is essential. One of the most important things when it comes to prepping your meal is to have your snacks ready. Alongside your meal, make sure you prepare snacks so that you have food available to you all the time. Some examples of snacks would be a protein bar, protein shake with fruit, or you can even make a peanut butter sandwich. There is a high protein peanut butter you can buy, which will allow you to meet your macros.

Things to avoid

Things To Avoid

There are a couple of things you need to avoid when meal prepping, and the first thing would be to diversify your food intake. If you keep eating the same meal every day for weeks to come, you might get allergic to that specific protein source or carb. There have been many Make sure to add different protein sources and various carb sources to your meal prep. Especially as a bodybuilder.

You need to make sure that you’re digesting your food properly. The last thing you want to do is become allergic to certain foods.

The second thing would be to pick out a way of meal prepping, which you can follow consistently; for example, if preparing your meals daily works better for you, then do that. Making sure you stay consistent with your meal prepping will dictate how successful you will be as a bodybuilder.

Always have some snacks with you. If your meal goes bad or you forget to bring it with you, then your snacks will be your savior. Make sure the snacks meet your requirements in terms of macros.

Final verdict

Final Verdict

You should now have a clear idea of how to prepare your meals as a bodybuilder, as preparing your meals regularly is very important if you want to put on muscle. Working out is an important part, but it is more critical for you to be well-fed.

The last thing you want to do is fall off track, which is why we gave you two options when it comes to prepping your meals. Once you start prepping your meals regularly, you will see a big difference in your muscle growth.