Post-Recovery Best Tips after a Grueling Workout

Post-Recovery Best Tips After A Grueling Workout


Whether you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, are new to lifting, or fall somewhere in between, you need to make sure you’re taking the right approach to muscle recovery. Sure, you want to lift hard and frequently. And, you want to make sure you’re putting in as much effort as possible when you’re working out to build strength.

However, as a bodybuilder, if you’re not cautious about pain relief, detailing with muscle soreness, and proper recovery, you’re going to limit your growth. So, let’s focus on a few tips which will help you with muscle recovery and pain relief, after a heavy lifting session.

Post-Recovery Best Tips after a Grueling Workout

Protein… Eat Rather than Drink When Possible

It’s important that you consume protein as soon after your workout as possible. But, it’s far better to eat it rather than drink it. On the same vein, if you can eat “a real meal,” rather than protein bars or supplements, that’s the best approach. The 30-minute anabolic window myth is one that’s been disproved.

So, you don’t have to consume protein immediately after a workout. But, the sooner you can, the more it’s going to fuel your muscles and help you replenish after a grueling workout. Try to go with

  • Lean proteins (meat, poultry, fish, etc)
  • Go for at least 30 grams of protein per meal
  • Cycle and use supplements to give you an edge when you can’t eat protein
  • Eat protein with every meal

Protein’s a staple in your diet as a bodybuilder. You should strive for 1 gram per pound (on average). Incorporating a high protein diet with your workout regimen is going to help with muscle soreness and help increase your rate of recovery.

Replenish Glycogen Levels

Replenish Glycogen Levels

You lose glycogen when you workout. Therefore, you want to replenish these losses shortly after your workout. How do you do this? Carbs! Most of the energy you exert when bodybuilding comes from the breakdown of glucose. Glucose molecules are simple sugars; what do carbs turn into after eaten? Sugar!

If you want more energy for your next heavy lifting session, you’ll need to replenish the lost glycogen. Therefore, choosing carbs like rice (brown or white), potatoes, and other healthy alternatives, proves to be beneficial in the recovery process.

It’s also worth noting that the low-carb diet results in a decrease of testosterone levels. So, don’t avoid carbs and don’t go low carb. The amount of calories you’re burning while lifting heavy, will help keep your body weight at bay, so don’t fret over packing on the carbs after a strenuous session.

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling tight muscles is like giving tight muscles a mini massage. It helps with pain relief after a tough workout. It also helps muscles recover faster and helps prevent soreness. Foam rolling can effectively reduced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It can also help to improve performance during your next workout session.

Foam rolling can help improve your range of motion as well. If you have tightness in your quads or legs, you’re going to struggle with your leg days. When you incorporate foam rolling into the mix, it’ll help increase your range, decrease tightness, and help with pain relief that you often feel after working out those muscles that you have a hard time training.

Cycle to Prevent Over training

Cycle to Prevent Over training

No, you don’t have to go biking (although you can use this as a cool down), but you’ll want to consider cycling in less strenuous workouts after heavy lifting days. To guard against over training, you should cycle in lower intensity workout days in between your heavy lifting days.

This allows you to remain active and still move, so you’re getting in a workout. It’s also beneficial for your mental health. You need a rest day here and there. So, take your off-days or low-cycle days and go for a walk or an easy hike. If you go 110% with every workout, you’re going to burnout and won’t allow for sufficient muscle recovery. In turn, your performance will falter.



We often overlook the importance of getting enough sleep. It’s not only pivotal in muscle recovery and increasing strength, it’s important to our overall ability to function. The amount of time you sleep is one of the biggest factors which will impact your testosterone levels. And yes, this also affects women.

Lack of sleep not only reduces testosterone levels, but also limits production of IGF1 (insulin growth factor). Both play a role in muscle synthesis; therefore, if your hormones are adversely affected/modified, you’re going to realize losses in the gym.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and develop a healthy sleeping pattern, to avoid these hormonal imbalances and improve your muscle recovery and development.

Warm up and Cool Down


Warm up and Cool Down

Many people don’t warm up or cool down properly. Don’t skip either. Pre-workout, make sure you’re getting in a 10 to 15 minute warm up, and make sure you’re getting 15 to 20 minutes of cool down post-workout.

When you continue sweating and engage in aerobic activity post-workout, you’re eliminating harmful byproducts (lactic acid buildup primarily). This is what causes soreness. If you want to improve muscle recovery times, you’re going to want to cool down after a strenuous lifting session.

Furthermore, warming up helps prevent overexertion, and can help in the prevention of injuries as well. So, don’t take either lightly, and don’t skip either of the two.

Post-Recovery Best Tips after a Grueling Workout


In addition to these tips, try to keep your stress levels at bay. Stress can reduce testosterone levels, which is obviously going to detract from your goal of building muscle. Try to limit strenuous outdoor activity as well when you’re lifting heavy. If possible, stay out of the gym (or at least away from the weight section), and focus on lighter workouts in between the heaviest lifting days.

The more strenuous a lifting routine is, the more effort you’ll want to put into your post workout recovery. Your body needs it. Don’t overlook the importance of rest, a healthy diet, and allowing your body to fully heal, before going in for another hardcore, two-hour leg day at the gym. Incorporate a few of these tips into your recovery process, in order to prevent injury, prevent muscle soreness, and help improve your results when you’re lifting heavy weights.


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  1. Well, the truth is what you have given here. You see, one will need to understand that working out is a very tiring thing to do. Like you said, many people are just vent on making sure that they get their muscles on without thinking about all the effects that it can have. I would like to try the foam roll you said because you mentioned that it is like a mini massage. I like this. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this post on post-recovery tips after a grueling workout, sometimes ago I do have a lot of work Out a and after that a stressful day and sleepless night these always get my body aches a lot, but when I discovered I need a lot of rest after working out and eat a good food and sleep, then those pains started relieving me, thanks for this post 

  3. Proper eating habit and also maintaining the right professionalism when it comes to constant workout and also getting a proper sleep are germane and should not be taken with levity. This is a great post and I fancy it a lot. Thank you so much for sharing here. Hence, I will say these tips are right on spot. Thanks

  4. Yes I have heard a lot about how effective foam rolling can be when trying to recover from the heaviness of the training routine and all. This is really great and I really fancy it a lot. also, many people have committed the mistake of always taking water rather than eating when trying to recover back. This is truly unique and has enlightened me. Thanks

    1. Hi Benny

      You’re welcome. Nice to hear you already knew something about one of my tips. I’m glad my article was helpful to you. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  5. Not bad, very good tips put together here I must say. I like the many different types of tips here. The truth honestly is that many people spend so much time on the workouts that they forget totally to take a break and deal with the many works that they have given the muscle. They have been pushed long and they also need a break. This is a very nice tip. Keep up the good work. I would like to share this.

    1. Hi John

      I’m glad you found my post helpful. Yes you never forget about taking a break and letting the muscles grow. Thanks for commenting and feel to share it.

      All the best


  6. This article is a very important and educative, one, this was one of the mistake I made when I started working out, I always emphasize the exercise moment and pay less attention to the after workout. I got to find out that it was a very bad thing because it started telling on my workout and it didn’t seem to be improving. Thanks for these tips, they are very useful.

  7. The article about the “Post-Recovery Best Tips After A Grueling Workout” is nice.You give several information about the A Grueling Workout.Even my brother doing workout daily but He always in stress.This information gives my brother to get loss her stress and your ideas make me the confidence to do a perfect workout and thanks for giving the recommended tips.

  8. I am not a bodybuilder, but will do some workouts 2 to 3 times per week in order to keep fit and maintain healthy.  Regarding the gruelling workout, you have reminded the bodybuilder what should be noted, including replenishment of protein soonest possible afterwards, the warm-up before and cooling down after the exercise.  I can learn from your article how to avoid soreness after the workout.  It contains informative and useful content.  People can gain much knowledge no matter they are bodybuilder or not.  Thank you for your good presentation.


    1. Hi Dolbe

      You’re welcome. I’m glad my article was helpful to you. I appreciate you commenting. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  9. Thanks a lot for this amazing article. I come back here always with such a big interest about all your posts.  Somebody told me that as a bodybuilder the best results you will have at home in your kitchen. I must say that this is true. If we go to the gym but we dont have this tips you described here, i think will be very difficult to achive our goals. 

    As a beginner I was going to the gym 7 days/ week. After a long time i discovered that i don’t have any progression, my muscle does’t have time to recovery and it increase the risk of injuries. Now i try to be more organized with putting a big accent on my alimentation. 

    Thanks again and wish you all the best. 

    1. Hi Nimrodngy

      You’re welcome. I appreciate your comment about my posts. Yes you definately need time away from the gym to rest and grow and lower your risk of injuries. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  10. You have given really great tips for what to do after a very strenuous workout.

    I honestly did not know that it was better to eat proteins rather than to drink them.  So I will certainly be changing that.  I am suffering of lower back injury at the moment, due to an “over-optimistic” workout.  i did far too much and unfortunately am suffering the consequences now.

    I will make sure to eat more lean proteins and carbs once I get back into a regular routine of workout again.

    I will certainly be back for more tips.

    Thank you so much


    1. Hi Renee 

      You’re welcome. Sorry to hear about your back. I hope you iced it within the first 24 to 72 hours to help with inflammation. After the inflammation is down you can use heat to encourage healing. Glad you found my post helpful. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


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