tips for building lean muscle mass

Tips for Building Lean Muscle Mass


There are a number of, often conflicting, theories surrounding the best ways to gain lean muscle consistently and start moving towards that ever desirable ‘competition body’. Some will tell you that it’s all about how you eat, others that real gains are made in the gym, and some people will even claim that you just cannot do it naturally. The truth, of course, is that lasting results are created by a balanced mix of nutrition and lifting and that you can get the results you want naturally (though supplements do make it easier).

9 Effective Ways to Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Eating right, lifting heavy, and resting periodically might sound easy but as you get closer to your goal, results are often slow to present themselves. When all is said and done, it’s about how consistently and effectively you apply the knowledge and resources available to you, not just your drive (though it pays to be motivated). So, here are 9 tips that will give you the edge you need to push yourself to the next level.

Eat Frequently

1) Eat Frequently

For newbies, the biggest hurdle tends to be eating the right amount of food at the right times. Some studies have shown, of course, that meal frequency and thermogenesis doesn’t have an effect, but remember that most of these studies were performed with sedentary office workers or other ‘regular’ people. The lived experience of thousands of successful body-builders has shown that you need to be eating 5 to 8 times per day to get competition level results (especially if you want to place well). To start seeing good results an average five-meal day should look something like this;

Meal 1:

Peanut butter

Egg whites



Meal 2:


Broccoli (or any other dark green vegetable)


Meal 3:

A meal replacement or protein shake.

Meal 4:


Almond butter


Meal 5:



You should be fueling that fire regularly to see great results consistently!

Track Your Intake

2) Track Your Intake

You can’t simply eat a lot and expect to get precise results; you need to track your intake to make sure that you’re staying anabolic rather that burning your hard-won muscle or gaining fat. However, the truth is that the majority of people who want to gain lean muscle but are failing to are not eating enough and are in a caloric deficit. This means that you need to start eating more of the right things, not just more in general. For example, getting 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight is the minimum you should be aiming for in order to grow muscle. However, this does change from person to person, so invest in figuring out what your macro nutrient requirements are to really step it up a notch.

Don't Eliminate Carbs

3) Don’t Eliminate Carbs

Dropping your carb intake is the go-to option for anyone who wants to lose fat, and while it is effective for most people it will work against you when you’re trying to bulk. Your body will always burn carbs first when you work out, and if you don’t have enough it likely to start taking energy from your muscles (especially if your body fat percentage is already low). So, rather that cutting out carbs, try instead to eat them strategically. You should eat carbs just before your workouts to provide yourself with the fuel you need to go hard and build mass.

Weight Train regularly


4) Weight Train Regularly

This one may seem obvious, but you should be lifting between 3 and 6 times per week, but make sure that you have rest days in between to allow your body to actually build and repair your muscles. It may seem like a great idea to train heavy day after day, but rest is just as important as your actual sessions so be kind to your body.

Slow Your Rep Speed

5) Slow Your Rep Speed

Muscles are affected differently by the speed at which you lift; if you want to see competition worthy results you need to lift slow and steady. Keep your form and control of the weights to put your muscles under the ideal level of tension and get the best possible results from every session. Trust us, you’ll really feel the difference.

Don't Neglect Cardio

6) Don’t Neglect Cardio

Cardio is not your enemy, and it won’t kill your gains! In fact, it could help them; cardio increases blood flow and keeps your heart healthy. This increased circulation helps your body to grow and repair more effectively, but also helps your body to burn fuel more efficiently. So cardio is really a win-win!

Prioritize Your Sleep Schedule

7) Prioritize Your Sleep Schedule

Getting enough sleep is absolutely essential to getting the right results. First and foremost, being sleep deprived makes it more likely that you’ll skip a workout or two. More that this, however, being sleep-deprived for even a day has been shown to reduce the rate at which your body repairs itself and that is very bad for building muscle mass.

Use Supplements Smartly

8) Use Supplements Smartly

Supplements often receive mixed reviews, but if you use them effectively they can give you the edge that you need. Your needs will not be the same as everyone else’s, however, so it’s best to spend some time researching and trying a few different combinations to see which suit you best. With that said, whey proteins are found useful by most and so represent a good place to start.

Be Consistent

9) Be Consistent

Here it is, the best advice you’ll ever receive; be consistent. Trite as it may seem, this really is fundamental because all the work you put in, all the meal plans, macro nutrient research, and workouts you undertake will amount to very little if you’re inconsistent in your application. Competition winners, even competition runners-up, all work consistently to improve and meet their goals.

1% Better Every Day

In summing up once you implement all of these tips, you will start to see real, tangible results pretty quickly. Nonetheless, these are not silver bullets to vanquish all your problems and obstacles. You will need to continually update your meal plans, your regimes, and your supplements to ensure that you are always improving and growing. Staying at the top of your game is tough, but we can help you to do it in style.



24 thoughts on “Tips for Building Lean Muscle Mass

  1. I guess the best was obviously saved for the last, and that’s consistency in exercising. The process of building muscle isn’t easy ans it cut across so much aspect of your entire being from food change to even adjusting your clothing when they get quite smaller. Food intake control a major aspect of muscle building indeed and these tips you have given are well appreciated by me as i am more of a gym person. Nice to be here.

    1. Hi Benson

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Consistency is definately the key in building muscle as well as your food intake. Glad to have you here. Come back because I  will keep adding to the site. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best 


  2. Thanks for sharing such an amazing informations about building muscle mass. 

    I’m a gym lover for almost 6 years and you really got me. A few week ago I have noticed that my muscle mass has stagnated. Going through this 9 effective ways that you putted here i realized that i don’t prioritize my sleep schedule. Because I have e difficult job, sometimes i work at night and this changes my sleep schedule all the time. I think in the beginning of the next year i will change my job and i will try to improve this problem. I’m sure that if i will sleep enough, i can have better results at the gym.

    Best wishes and I hope to see more posts like this.

    1. Hi Nimrodngy

      You’re welcome. Yes not getting enough sleep would definately hamper your gains. Your muscles don’t grow in the gym they grow during sleep and rest. Thank you and I will do my best.

      Keep pumping


    1. Hi Alan

      I appreciate you being here. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. Definately check back with us we’ll have more for you.

      All the best


  3. Hello Eric, I am into working out a lot, although I am not into building muscle, but I know it is very important to keep a track of your food and also strike a balance on everything and not just on working ou while consistency plays along. Food intake plays a long way in helping you grow muscle and that shouldn’t be over looked. Building muscle and not taking the right food to help your muscle grow is just a waste of time.

    1. Hi Bella

      Nice that you’re working out regularly keep it up. Food plays an important part in your regime wether you’re trying to gain mass or lean out. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  4. Thanks for this post on how to build a tiny muscle mass, I have always wanted to have a tiny muscle since I was a kid but don’t have the idea of how to go about it not until I was a teen, I ear frequently, sleep routines, workout and trust me when I do this over everyday I started building up some tiny muscles.thanks for the remaining tips gonna try them out also 

  5. Thanks for this post on how to build tiny muscles, my kid as always wanted to build up his muscles for years now but he could not, just last year he was tipped on how to go about it, he put himself on a diet routines which he eats frequently and also sleep often also works out daily he does this everyday and after some months he started developing some muscles .thanks 

    1. Hi Gracie

      You’re welcome. Good for him! Tell him to just keep it up. Be consistant with his training, that he is taken in an adequate amount of good food and adequate rest time for his muscles to recover and the gains will come. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  6. I liked this article very much because it explains very thouroughly on how to gain Lean Muscle mass.

    It provides 9 ways that one will be able to build up muscle lean and it is a very easy for anyone to appy the suggestions.
    Honestly it is a great way to become healthier and live longer for any one .

  7. Building muscle is different from building lean muscle because lean muscle involves calculated and planning to aim for it and that will be the difference. This is really great and well worthy. Thumbs up to you for sharing all these here. I really fancy every bit of information shared here. Thanks so much

  8. Like I will always point out,the quality of our food intake can go a long way as to determining the success and failure of our body building. If proper nutrition is not included, success can turn to failure over night. Firstly, share the tips here and all I can say is that it is well worthy.  What I found baffling is the non elimination of carbs. Ohh! Join me to get now. Thsnks

    1. Hi Benny

      Yes if you’re going to see any gains in bodybuilding you have to be about the food & training. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best 


  9. Thanks for all these helpful tips for building lean muscle mass, you’ve definitely laid it out clearly in terms of what we can do to become healthier in general and build lean muscle mass. Honestly I knew very little about this kind of thing before coming across your article, but I would really love to feel stronger and have more energy. It would make me so much more productive! Thanks for this 🙂

  10. Great info. This is going to help me a lot.

    You mention “Eating Frequently”.   I like the choices but I don’t see any guidelines as to the amounts we should eat at each meal.  One tablespoon or two.  Three ounces or four.   It would be helpful to me because I tend to eat more than I probably should.

    The other part for me is “Being Consistent”.  I have been able to lose almost all the weight i want to and the muscle is starting to come along but, at the moment I am stuck on a plateau.  There just seems to be so many other things that need to get done lately and get in the way.  I guess I just need to learn how to prioritize better 🙁  

    When I CAN focus, things get better but, as I said, these days I am easily distracted.

    I’ll be back to read this again.  Got to get on track.


    1. Hi Wayne

      Food for a bodybuilder is a personal thing. How they eat and what they eat depends on what they are trying to accomplish. 

      A lot is really trial and error until you learn your body. You could hire a nutrition coach but that can be expensive. 

      If at a plateau begin to switch things up or try some different exercises. Hope that helps. Thanks for sharing.

      All the best


  11. Good morning sir. I have taken the time to review your site and I must admit  having a medical background and being a former power lifter, you are doing a great job communicating with your audience. The meal plan structure is also great. i think it would be of great benefit to your audience to see more smaller people benefiting from your offering. There are a lot of small people who are looking to build lean muscle. I wish you all the best and you are on the right track. 

    1. Hi Larry

      I appreciate your comment. I admire men of great strength like (yourself) powerlifters and loved watching The World’s Strongest Man competitions. I would be just blow away at how strong these guys are! 

      Also when I was coming up in the sport there were powerlifters who at my gym. They inspired and it helped me lot in building my physique. Thanks for the feedback.

      All the best


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